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Above is autograph rock in Southern Colorado (it is on private land, we are criminals).

Native American art and history is something I really enjoy. Therefore, I am fascinated by petroglyphs. I love finding new (to me) ones… 

The pictures below were taken at Picture Canyon, also in southern Colorado. 

Some of them are so old you can barely see them!

Any of my panhandle friends know where I can find some more?!




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hidden treasures

Do you see what I see?! ^^ Try to find the “object” in the above picture before scrolling.

Old sheep herders house in the middle of nowhere – southern Colorado…… I think it is pprreettyy neat!



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black mesa images


One day while surfing the internet I came across this ^^ breathtaking photo of my ever loved Black Mesas. (read about my love here)

Stanley Harper of Black Mesa Images is the artist and I am so in love with his work.(check out his facebook page here) Not only does he have some great shots of Black Mesa but he has perfectly captured the entire panhandle of Oklahoma. I found myself looking through every single picture, I couldn’t get enough…. I am such a sucker for the sky, living in the flatlands can do that to you. We may do without a lot of things out here in No Mans Land, but God makes up for it by painting us some of the most gorgeous skies! I have always had a passion for sunsets, but Stanley’s night shots of the milky way and all the stars are my favorite. The lightening strikes are pretty rad too. I love photography, someday I hope to have the equipment and knowledge to take killer photos of the sky. (he has a pretty fabulous collection of nightscapes for sale on his website)


Where do you get your inspiration?!


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foliage gift wrapping

gift wrapping buffalo plaid target
gift wrapping  foliage gift wrapping with cats

foliage gift wrapping snowflake christmas  foliage gift wrapping merry christmas

• • • •

I really love the whole process and art that goes into gift giving. Every year I set out to create a theme for my holiday wrapping, this year I decided to gather foliage from my backyard and let it speak for itself.


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Mother Nature

mother nature farm photography  mother nature farm photography  mother nature yellow flowers prairie owl farm photography  mother nature farm yellow flowers husband dog photography

• • • •

My husband took me to the farm to see all of these pretty yellow wild flowers. They cover such a large area and have a very strong smell. Mother Nature is so cool!


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turquoise jewelry converse photography

    My camera is permanently attached to my hand, so here are some photos I am currently obsessed with😜….. 

      b&w photography  b&w photography  b&w photography 


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    adult playground


    • • • •

    My husband and I are off to Las Vegas for a little getaway. There is just something so FUN about going to sin city.  No other place has nearly as much magic, chaos, and mystery. We don’t have much planned because we booked it on a whim. But you can bet we will have a blast and probably find some new delicious places to eat. The photo above was taken the last time we were in Las Vegas in 2013. I saw Kim Kardashian on that trip. (She was pregnant with North) I won’t lie, I was embarrassingly giddy.

    Follow our trip on Instagram: @chanleynoelle


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    creative outlet


    • • • •


    My goal for 2015 is to live life to the fullest. I can’t wait to share my journey with you through creativity.

    x – c

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