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dipping sauce for artichokes

• • • •

You will need:

  • Artichokes
  • Lemon
  • V8 (1 1/2 TBS)
  • Ranch dip packet (1 TBS)
  • Mayo (1/4 cup)
  • Large pot of water
  • Salt
  • Scissors
  • Serrated Knife

While you prepare the artichokes bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil.

Gather artichokes, serrated knife, and scissors.

Cut off the top inch of both artichokes. Trim as little off of the stem as possible. (The inside of the stem is edible)

With your scissors cut the spike off the top of each leaf. Then rinse under water.

Half a lemon and rub the tops and sides of artichokes to help prevent browning.

Place both artichokes in boiling water, cover with lid and set the timer for 30-45 min. Smaller artichokes like the ones pictured will take approximately 30….larger artichokes will take closer to 45 min.

(I used 2 artichokes but you can cook 1 or as many as your pot will hold)

While the artichokes cook make the dipping sauce.

Mix 1/4 cup Mayo with 1 1/2 TBS V8 and 1 TBS ranch seasoning  in bowl until combined. Taste and tweak if needed.




To eat pull off one leaf at a time, dip white fleshy bottom and pull through teeth to remove the soft, delicious portion of the petal. Discard remaining petal. Continue until all of the petals are removed. Then with your fingers or a spoon, scrape out and trash the inedible fuzzy part covering the artichoke heart. The remaining bottom of the artichoke is the heart, and the best part! Cut into pieces and dip into sauce to eat.

Hope you enjoy!


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hidden treasures

Do you see what I see?! ^^ Try to find the “object” in the above picture before scrolling.

Old sheep herders house in the middle of nowhere – southern Colorado…… I think it is pprreettyy neat!



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enjoy the ride

black mesa sunset nature rock mountain foothill

Black Mesa sunset

My love for the Black Mesa sky, landscape, and history is something I adopted from my parents at a young age. When I was about 3 years old my mom bought a brand new red Jeep Wrangler that she still has today. She would take the top off, load my sister and I up, and we would head out “jeepin.” To me, jeepin meant the wind in my hair, classic rock blaring through the speakers, and adventure. We never had a destination, we were just out enjoying the fresh air and each other. We would stop along the way to arrow-head hunt, look for pictoglyphs, and uncover treasure. One time during a hike my mom stopped for a breather and started nonchalantly prodding at a partially buried rock.  Once uncovered, the ordinary looking rock was a really awesome Native American grinding bowl. Finding treasure like that is priceless. We covered many miles and made many memories in that jeep, it is so much a part of my childhood. I can remember my mom taking the long way home so we could breath in the night sky. One of my favorite things about living in the far northwest corner of Oklahoma is the breathtaking sunsets. Cimarron county produces some of the biggest and darkest skies on earth. The sunset on my inner arm was inspired by the design on the side of my mom’s jeep, a Black Mesa sunset and the love I have for both.

black mesa state park sunset tattoo nature colorful art artwork

My sunset tattoo

red jeep wrangler sunset decal

Mom’s jeep wrangler

Black Mesa is barren but absolutely beautiful at the same time. At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Black Mesa is the highest point in Oklahoma and got its name from the layer of black lava rock that coated the mesa about 30 million years ago. Lake Carl Etling is located inside the Black Mesa State Park and is a pretty nice little lake for our corner of the world. The lake is a good place to ride bikes, check out some petrified wood, and have a picnic. You will not encounter a lot of people in this area but you will acquire some pretty interesting stories. For example, my parents knew a man who lived back up in the mesa in a dugout for 20 years. No one ever really knew the location but he had cable and electricity. Dinosaur bones, fossils and even a child mummy have been discovered in the mesa’s caves. One of my favorite things Black Mesa has to offer are the dinosaur tracks preserved in sandstone near the Carrizo Creek. Scientists are not sure what kind of dinosaur it was but the tracks show he had two legs. You can even be in 3 states at once if you visit the tri-state marker where Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico meet.There are also a few interesting rock formations such as Old Maid, which looks like the profile of a woman.  Wedding Party is another well-known formation that is complete with bride, groom, minister and an audience. My husband and I found our own rock formation, we call him Sumo Silhouette because it looks like the profile of a sumo wrestler.The Black Mesa’s have been a part of my family for years, those flat top mountains will always hold a special place in my heart.

lake carl etling black mesa state park oklahoma

Lake Carl Etling

rock formations black mes state park nature photography

Sumo Silhouette

dinosaur tracks nature preserved sandstone black mes state park photography visit oklahoma

Dinosaur tracks

dinosaur tracks prehistoric photography

If you look close you can see his 3 toes

oklahoma new mexico colorado marker states photography

Original tri-state marker

• • • •

Never forget to enjoy the ride because someday you will look back and that ride was your life.


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blue cheese steak salad

blue cheese steak salad recipe

blue cheese steak salad recipe

blue cheese steak salad recipe

blue cheese steak salad recipe

blue cheese steak salad recipeblue cheese steak salad recipeblue cheese steak salad recipeblue cheese steak salad recipe

• • • •

This recipe is my version of the Blue Cheese Steak Salad from Zebadiah’s in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Ladies, even my husband likes this salad!


  • Romaine lettuce
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Red or yellow onion
  • Sliced almonds (candied, honey, plain, whatever you like)
  • Blue cheese, crumbled
  • Your favorite marinated steak
  • Balsamic vinegar


  • Marinate and cook your favorite steak. I like to cook mine on the grill.
  • Let the cooked steak cool in the refrigerator
  • Chop lettuce and onion (I prefer red onion on this salad, I just chopped yellow incase my husband didn’t want red)
  • Cut cherry tomatoes in half
  • Build salad with listed ingredients
  • Top with steak, almonds, blue cheese and balsamic vinegar

I did not list any measurements because I like to keep everything in separate pyrex containers in the refrigerator and build my own individual salad. When you get tired of blue cheese just swap it out for shredded cheese and easily make a completely different salad




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