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i got it from my mama


Raise your hand if you wanna age gracefully…

Is your hand raised!?

Mine too.

My mom taught me the importance of proper skin care from a young age and she looks pretty awesome for a 55 yr old!……(Hi, mom! Don’t be mad at me for telling the world your age 😉 )

A consistent skin care routine is key to keeping your skin young and vibrant. Over the last few years I have been trying to make an effort to add less toxic products to my routine. After all the whole point of cleaning your face/ body is to remove dirt and grime…not add to it!

If you look at the ingredients in most grocery store brands you will find chemicals you can’t pronounce and parabens that can actually damage skin.

Your skin is your biggest organ, anything you put ON your body goes INTO your body….take a second to really think about that…kinda scary, huh?!

the cottage greenhouse skincare natural healthy


Mom has introduced me to hundreds of products throughout the years. The Cottage Greenhouse being the most recent….

She gifted me the ginger and agave set for Christmas and I am really liking it (…almost time to restock).



My sister and I have eczema so we have to be careful what we use. This brand is gentle enough for both of us and is inspired by fresh and wholesome ingredients….based out of Denver, CO it is paraben free, never animal tested, & formulated with up to 98% natural ingredients….(not 100% natural but definitely a step in the right direction).



Side Note: My biggest tip to you (that I learned from my mom) is to never pull on your skin… if you have eye makeup that won’t come off, NEVER scrub with a wash cloth……use a cleaner, lotion, or oil to help remove the leftover mascara. I feel like this is common sense but scrubbing/pulling stretches your skin and can cause premature wrinkling. (…and fuck wrinkles, am I right!?)



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anti-aging jade therapy

• • • •

Jade facial rolling is based on an ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique where you use a jade stone tool to massage/manipulate the muscles and fasciae of the face/neck while stimulating acupuncture energy points and promoting lymphatic drainage.

Anti aging jade therapy stimulates meridian points, revitalizing chi to tone and improve skin elasticity for a more radiant, youthful appearance. It helps reduce wrinkles and the signs of aging (Read about meridian points here)

If you have heavy eye lids that get puffy like mine then you are going to love this tool! It gives instant relief to puffiness, swelling, or tired eyes. Jade has properties that allow it to remain cold on contact…even in warm weather (you can put in the fridge to make it extra cold).

Use upward movement, from eye brows to flatten forehead lines. From center of forehead, roll along eyebrows towards the meridian points between the eye and ear.

Close eyes and use smaller roller starting from the inner corner of the eye and roll across eyelid toward meridian point near ear. Roll under the eye to same meridian point, focusing on any puffiness, crows feet and wrinkles around the eye area.

Use small roller and press gently down on meridian points by the ear. Hold for a count of three, exhale and repeat. This helps relax the face and relieves any tension. Great for headaches.

Roll smaller roller from eyes down and around base of nose to meridian point on side of nose. Press gently down on meridian points either side of nose. Hold for a count of three and exhale. Repeat. This helps relieve any sinus congestion and relaxes tension along smile lines.

Use larger roller. Start at nose and roll across cheeks to meridian point near ear. Roll from center of lips over upper and lower lip towards ear. From center of chin, sweep up towards ear. Roll upwards from bottom of chin to meridian points under lower lip. Press down for a count of three, exhale and repeat. Using larger roller, roll along jaw line towards the ear. Then roll under the   with upward movements from neck to chin. Starting from meridian point at base of skull behind ear, roll around to center of collarbone and up neck to jaw to drain the lymphatic waste and smooth wrinkles in the neck area.

Never roll back and forth!

This is the roller I have. (Roller came with images and instructions used, check out their website here).


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Dimitra Milan Fine Art

I love fine art…. I could spend hours/days looking at artwork of all kinds. The internet is such a fun resource to have when it comes to perusing because you can always discover new artist you may have never heard of otherwise. Some mornings I spend hours looking at the art section on Pinterest and that is exactly how I discovered this jewel. This blog is supposed to help represent me and what makes my world go round and art is a part of who I am.  Therefore, I think it is fun to share pieces with you guys that I have found and fallen in love with.

“I listen and wait for the voice of a thousand rushing waters. I can hear it in the distance, calling me to go forth in this journey. My thoughts are on heaven as I move through the mountains of this realm, to seek my future and what it beholds.” – Dimitra Milan


This painting is called “Running the Distance”. I really love it. I think it is so beautiful, the detail is amazing and I love that it has a southwestern feel to it with the wolf and desert scene. The artist, Dimitra Milan is a 16 yr old girl from Arizona. Yes, that is right, 16! Both of her parents are established artist who own an art institute where Dimitra was able to take classes and learn, but also obviously has an amazing natural talent. In an interview I read, Dimitra stated “I paint women and animals/nature together to create a dreamy atmosphere and to give you a feeling that anything is possible. I think of each animal more as a symbol, rather than just the animal itself. I think about the function and attributes of the animal and use it as a symbol. I often like to paint animals that are traditionally viewed as dangerous or predators, or animals that simply have a dangerous edge. I feel like the women who represent me or the viewer have an opportunity to overcome, or to be a part of, a grand supernatural adventure. Sometimes these relationships between the woman and the animal represent our relationship with the one who created all of us. In my paintings, these predators are not dangerous, they don’t bite and they don’t sting.”

I find this piece of art and this artist very inspirational and I hope you do too! If you want to see more of her artwork or learn more about the artist go to her website at



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native fish inspiration


• • • •

I came across this picture on Pinterest and I just love it.

50% Mermaid. 50% Native American. 100% for me!

I am unable to find the artist…does anyone out there know?!


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humpday inspiration

javier.pinon.chand.101 javier.pinon.chand.102 javier.pinon.chand.103 javier.pinon.chand.104 javier.pinon.chand.105 javier.pinon.chand.106 javier.pinon.chand.107 javier.pinon.chand.108

• • • •

Some inspiration for this random Wednesday in November. I stumbled upon Javier Piñon on Instagram through his wife Mara Hoffman and immediately started exploring this artist. I found his website and that was when I saw the combination of the chandeliers and cowboys, umm… YeS, PLeAsE!!


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enjoy the ride

black mesa sunset nature rock mountain foothill

Black Mesa sunset

My love for the Black Mesa sky, landscape, and history is something I adopted from my parents at a young age. When I was about 3 years old my mom bought a brand new red Jeep Wrangler that she still has today. She would take the top off, load my sister and I up, and we would head out “jeepin.” To me, jeepin meant the wind in my hair, classic rock blaring through the speakers, and adventure. We never had a destination, we were just out enjoying the fresh air and each other. We would stop along the way to arrow-head hunt, look for pictoglyphs, and uncover treasure. One time during a hike my mom stopped for a breather and started nonchalantly prodding at a partially buried rock.  Once uncovered, the ordinary looking rock was a really awesome Native American grinding bowl. Finding treasure like that is priceless. We covered many miles and made many memories in that jeep, it is so much a part of my childhood. I can remember my mom taking the long way home so we could breath in the night sky. One of my favorite things about living in the far northwest corner of Oklahoma is the breathtaking sunsets. Cimarron county produces some of the biggest and darkest skies on earth. The sunset on my inner arm was inspired by the design on the side of my mom’s jeep, a Black Mesa sunset and the love I have for both.

black mesa state park sunset tattoo nature colorful art artwork

My sunset tattoo

red jeep wrangler sunset decal

Mom’s jeep wrangler

Black Mesa is barren but absolutely beautiful at the same time. At the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Black Mesa is the highest point in Oklahoma and got its name from the layer of black lava rock that coated the mesa about 30 million years ago. Lake Carl Etling is located inside the Black Mesa State Park and is a pretty nice little lake for our corner of the world. The lake is a good place to ride bikes, check out some petrified wood, and have a picnic. You will not encounter a lot of people in this area but you will acquire some pretty interesting stories. For example, my parents knew a man who lived back up in the mesa in a dugout for 20 years. No one ever really knew the location but he had cable and electricity. Dinosaur bones, fossils and even a child mummy have been discovered in the mesa’s caves. One of my favorite things Black Mesa has to offer are the dinosaur tracks preserved in sandstone near the Carrizo Creek. Scientists are not sure what kind of dinosaur it was but the tracks show he had two legs. You can even be in 3 states at once if you visit the tri-state marker where Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico meet.There are also a few interesting rock formations such as Old Maid, which looks like the profile of a woman.  Wedding Party is another well-known formation that is complete with bride, groom, minister and an audience. My husband and I found our own rock formation, we call him Sumo Silhouette because it looks like the profile of a sumo wrestler.The Black Mesa’s have been a part of my family for years, those flat top mountains will always hold a special place in my heart.

lake carl etling black mesa state park oklahoma

Lake Carl Etling

rock formations black mes state park nature photography

Sumo Silhouette

dinosaur tracks nature preserved sandstone black mes state park photography visit oklahoma

Dinosaur tracks

dinosaur tracks prehistoric photography

If you look close you can see his 3 toes

oklahoma new mexico colorado marker states photography

Original tri-state marker

• • • •

Never forget to enjoy the ride because someday you will look back and that ride was your life.


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