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black mesa images


One day while surfing the internet I came across this ^^ breathtaking photo of my ever loved Black Mesas. (read about my love here)

Stanley Harper of Black Mesa Images is the artist and I am so in love with his work.(check out his facebook page here) Not only does he have some great shots of Black Mesa but he has perfectly captured the entire panhandle of Oklahoma. I found myself looking through every single picture, I couldn’t get enough…. I am such a sucker for the sky, living in the flatlands can do that to you. We may do without a lot of things out here in No Mans Land, but God makes up for it by painting us some of the most gorgeous skies! I have always had a passion for sunsets, but Stanley’s night shots of the milky way and all the stars are my favorite. The lightening strikes are pretty rad too. I love photography, someday I hope to have the equipment and knowledge to take killer photos of the sky. (he has a pretty fabulous collection of nightscapes for sale on his website)


Where do you get your inspiration?!


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Mother Nature

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My husband took me to the farm to see all of these pretty yellow wild flowers. They cover such a large area and have a very strong smell. Mother Nature is so cool!


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turquoise jewelry converse photography

    My camera is permanently attached to my hand, so here are some photos I am currently obsessed with😜….. 

      b&w photography  b&w photography  b&w photography 


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