long way home 

Zac and I love “backroading”. It is one of our favorite ways to kill time. If we find the day free and the weather fair, you can guarantee we are gonna hit up the dirt roads. We grab the cooler, some beers, some good music and head out. It is the best. Endless conversation, views, and fresh air. Heaven. Over the years we have hit up what seems like every back road imaginable. When we were first dating it is how we got to know each other and it is still one of the ways we bond. Here are some pictures from our most recent adventure.

Have you ever been in 3 states at once? This is the marker where Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado meet. I had never been to this marker before, nothing impressive – just kinda fun!

Have you heard of Clare Dunn?! She is a country singer from my neck of the woods. I follow her on snapchat and when we saw this and I made Zac stop so I could send her a snap, she never checked it..haha, darn it!! But I still like the picture…

The Santa Fe trail is a part of the history out here in No Man’s Land… We found this marker right across the state line, in Colorado, and had to check it out. It was an informational little tid bit on the Aubry Cutoff. I would elaborate but like I said…beer.

How do you and your man kill time!?!


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