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long way home 

Zac and I love “backroading”. It is one of our favorite ways to kill time. If we find the day free and the weather fair, you can guarantee we are gonna hit up the dirt roads. We grab the cooler, some beers, some good music and head out. It is the best. Endless conversation, views, and fresh air. Heaven. Over the years we have hit up what seems like every back road imaginable. When we were first dating it is how we got to know each other and it is still one of the ways we bond. Here are some pictures from our most recent adventure.

Have you ever been in 3 states at once? This is the marker where Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado meet. I had never been to this marker before, nothing impressive – just kinda fun!

Have you heard of Clare Dunn?! She is a country singer from my neck of the woods. I follow her on snapchat and when we saw this and I made Zac stop so I could send her a snap, she never checked it..haha, darn it!! But I still like the picture…

The Santa Fe trail is a part of the history out here in No Man’s Land… We found this marker right across the state line, in Colorado, and had to check it out. It was an informational little tid bit on the Aubry Cutoff. I would elaborate but like I said…beer.

How do you and your man kill time!?!


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southern pride playlist

 • • • •

I have a confession. Zac and I use to listen to only rap music. Rap music and farming…seems like some kind of oxymoron, don’t you think?! We thought so too, so we recently got Sirius radio and started listening to The Highway. That lead to me thinking about all the country I listened to in college at OSU, which then led to this playlist. This playlist is a mix between bands I saw in college, outlaw country, and just random favorites.


Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine

Twelve Gauge – Casey Donahew

Copperhead Road – Steve Earle

Choctaw Bingo – Ray Wylie Hubbard

Seven Nights in Eire – Reckless Kelly

Sunrise – Ryan Bingham

Mood Ring – Wade Bowen

White Trash Story – Casey Donahew

Wear My Ring – Bart Crow

The Toast – No Justice

Oklahoma Girl – Eli Young Band

Corpus Christi Bay – Robert Earl Keen

Snake Farm – Ray Wylie Hubbard


Listen to playlist here



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Dimitra Milan Fine Art

I love fine art…. I could spend hours/days looking at artwork of all kinds. The internet is such a fun resource to have when it comes to perusing because you can always discover new artist you may have never heard of otherwise. Some mornings I spend hours looking at the art section on Pinterest and that is exactly how I discovered this jewel. This blog is supposed to help represent me and what makes my world go round and art is a part of who I am.  Therefore, I think it is fun to share pieces with you guys that I have found and fallen in love with.

“I listen and wait for the voice of a thousand rushing waters. I can hear it in the distance, calling me to go forth in this journey. My thoughts are on heaven as I move through the mountains of this realm, to seek my future and what it beholds.” – Dimitra Milan


This painting is called “Running the Distance”. I really love it. I think it is so beautiful, the detail is amazing and I love that it has a southwestern feel to it with the wolf and desert scene. The artist, Dimitra Milan is a 16 yr old girl from Arizona. Yes, that is right, 16! Both of her parents are established artist who own an art institute where Dimitra was able to take classes and learn, but also obviously has an amazing natural talent. In an interview I read, Dimitra stated “I paint women and animals/nature together to create a dreamy atmosphere and to give you a feeling that anything is possible. I think of each animal more as a symbol, rather than just the animal itself. I think about the function and attributes of the animal and use it as a symbol. I often like to paint animals that are traditionally viewed as dangerous or predators, or animals that simply have a dangerous edge. I feel like the women who represent me or the viewer have an opportunity to overcome, or to be a part of, a grand supernatural adventure. Sometimes these relationships between the woman and the animal represent our relationship with the one who created all of us. In my paintings, these predators are not dangerous, they don’t bite and they don’t sting.”

I find this piece of art and this artist very inspirational and I hope you do too! If you want to see more of her artwork or learn more about the artist go to her website at



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